Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday Smiles!

This weekend, I had the task of teaching Sunday school. Anyone who knows me well, would say teaching kiddos is one of my joys (not tasks), but I must confess, it's a lot harder cross-culturally. I often dread it and worry that the kids aren't hearing the gospel as well as they should.

Wouldn't it be better in their own language?

Nevertheless, by faith that God will somehow make this rock speak, I teach.

This Sunday I taught on Jesus being the Sheep-Gate (but I compared Him to the cattle camps). The kids instantly understood. I added the teaching on Jesus being the Good-Shepherd (but compared Him to a cattle herder instead). Their eyes lit up in sweet comprehension.

They got it! They really grasped what I was saying. It made the morning fun and easy. We sang songs, prayed and played.

Afterward, all I could do was praise God repeatedly for allowing me to share these truths with the kids. Many of them professed faith in Christ (but they do that over and over here. ha ha). Nevertheless, I hope that all of them truly understood and believed.

He is our Good Shepherd. His sheep know His voice and follow him. He is the Sheep-Gate. No one goes to the Father, except by Him. (Check out John 10:1-18)