Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updates: Comas, Fingers, Etc....

 Here is a quite update on some of the resent stories...

The man who woke from his 4 day coma, came back this week to say thank you. Dennis and Tom were so blessed to see him again, and to know that he was fully recovered. The number of times a person has come back and thanked Dennis, he can count on his hands. It’s not common here which makes this case all the more special. Thank God with us all that he is doing so well.

Mary’s mastectomy is healing well. There is some infection in the suture areas, but all in all she and her husband are thrilled. Continue to pray for a full recovery and a safe birth. She’s due in May (I believe).

The man with the bite on his finger responded well to the antibiotics and didn’t need an amputation. I’ve seen him once or twice this week, and Margaret says it’s almost fully restored. Pray for him to stop beating his wife, or lose all his fingers! Ha ha!

The little girl that Tom stayed up with all night was brought in by her father this past week. He just wanted to thank Tom again for saving her life and to show him how well she is recovered. She ran around the clinic grounds, playing like the tot she is. What a blessing!

If I’ve forgotten to update you all on something, by all means, ask! Thank you all so much for your constant and faithful prayers!