Friday, March 25, 2011

Update: Stillbirth, Wounds

Awende came in a day or so back. In fact, she came in the morning after I wrote the blog about her. I was so glad to see her and so thankful she was well, I could barely contain my joy! I checked on the healing of her tear and I'm glad to say all is healing nicely. No fistula! No incontinence! Alleluia!

Her parents greeted me joyfully, and were relieved to hear she would recover well. It was a time of celebration. What a glorious answer to prayer!

Also, the young lady with the facial wound is healing, but it's not healing right. Would you please continue to pray that the sutures would hold, and she would one day be able to smile? She is coming diligently for wound dressing, but she is sad. Pray for her to know our Living Hope! Thanks.