Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prenatal Prayer Projects~

Prenatal woman being checked in by our Sudanese staff.
Some days I open a woman’s prenatal book and I’m surprised by my own handwriting. Did I really write that down... and not cry?

One of my patient’s obstetrical history looks like this:

G8 P5 L4 A2 M1
1st baby: SAB (Spontaneous Abortion) at 2 months -- Clots.
2nd baby: Delivered --Alive.
3rd baby: SAB at 1.5 months.
4th baby: Delivered --Alive.
5th baby: Twins --Both alive.
6th baby: Delivered alive but died at 1 yr. old.
7th baby: Delivered preterm at 6 months but died at 1 yr. old.
8th .... she’s now 5 months pregnant.

She’s only in her early 30’s and yet she has already knows the heartache of two miscarriages and two tiny coffins. But would you believe it... her history is a happy one compared to the rest.

Three times this week I’ve had women sit on my prenatal bed and flatly detail their obstetrical history. And three times this week I have wanted to cry.

I am sharing their information with you with permission. They said it’s okay for me to tell you so you can pray.

So please pray....

Athnony -- age 30-ish (G6 P3 L0 A2)
She had two miscarriages and three live-births but all three babies died shortly after delivery or before they were weaned. She’s 6 months pregnant now. Pray that this baby lives and grows to be a gray-beard who loves Jesus!

Achuei -- in her mid 20’s (G4 P3 L1 A0)
She’s given birth three times but one died after two days when it didn’t breastfeed and the other died when crawling. She has only one baby at home that’s alive. She’s in her second trimester but I’m not sure of her gestational age. May this tot be a delightful pest to his mother and a prize to his father. May he grow up to have a large family of his own who all know and love Jesus!

Monica -- in her late 30’s (G5 P4 L1 A0)
Her first baby died at 3 1/2 months old, her second child died at 5 years old and her third child was born term but died after 7 days of labor during which she claims she was treated for meningitis by the local witch-doctor.

Well.. this WAS her obstetrical history until two weeks ago when her only remaining child started having breathing difficulties. She brought him to our clinic for treatment but he eventually succumbed to his infection and died. He was only 4 yrs. old.

When I saw her this morning and learned of her loss it took everything in me not to weep outright. But such displays of emotion are not permitted here... and I blinked back my tears.

Lord... she has suffered the loss of ALL her children. Only You can know her pain! Only You can comfort her in this dark time! Lord, please touch her and give her peace. Help her to grieve and yet still hope...

She is 7 months pregnant now.

Pray this baby lives. Thrives. Survives. And loves his mother with joy, bringing her laughter in her old age!