Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reaching Hearts

My desire in coming here was to tell everyone I could about Jesus. I love Jesus! I want everyone to know what He has done in my life! But I also want to try and prevent deaths when I can.   

Plus I want to see lives transformed, marriages healed, bodies restored, communities changed. I want to see miracles!

Frankly it has been heavy on my heart that we (as a clinic) were not sharing Jesus with all the patients or praying for them all when they came.         --Some were but not all.

However recently that changed.

When I returned last week from my R&R, I found a new clinic policy concerning evangelism in place and was super excited!

New rules:
Everyone gets prayed for.
There is a devotion done for the patients before the clinic opens and all are invited to talk and/or pray with a group of Dinka-speaking pastors after their consultation.
Plus, Christian music plays throughout the clinic all day long.

It’s wonderful!

And I get to share my testimony as much as I like with my patients, knowing that there is going to be a follow-up with the pastors in their own language once I’m finished.

So far all of my patients have been receptive and inquisitive. Many have never heard the name of Jesus uttered once, nor can they tell me who He is?

They explain that no one has ever come to their village to help them know Him. One woman asked me if I would come to her village and teach her!        -- Oh... so so tempting!

Lots have told me they would love to go to church but there is nowhere within walking distance that they can go.

However there are many others that know Him already and attend church somewhere; and they are always happy to pray.

Please pray for much fruit... and that it would remain. And remember to pray against the blatant and intense spiritual warfare that has hit us in light of these changes.

By the way, I’m told that since they started doing these small things more than 500 people have prayed to know Jesus!

Think of that!