Thursday, November 25, 2010

Burning for revenge....

A few days ago, a woman brought in a baby that had been badly burned (over 20% of her face and body). We had to completely sedate the child to even clean the wounds. It was hard to hear... let alone watch. The little girl was obviously in a lot of pain.

The next day another child showed up in a terrible state. He had scalding burns all down his neck and shoulder. This is unusual. We normally don’t see so many burns. How strange.

Only later did I learn that the two burn victims are neighbors. The young girl was playing at the neighbors house. She was either pushed by another child or fell into a vat of boiling water. The mother of the child was irate. She blamed the neighbor for the accident, saying it was her responsibility to watch the child.

So while the neighbor was at the clinic checking on the little girl. The mother went to her neighbor’s house and intentionally pushed that woman’s child into the fire -- thus the second victim.

I can understand being angry but ... to push a small child into the fire? To scar him for life? That... I cannot understand. I just can’t.

So every day since, we have had two warring families waiting in line to get their babies’ burns treated. The tension is so thick you can taste it.

Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation, healing and love.