Monday, November 22, 2010

Update: "... to save a life."

Today the girl I referred to Wau for the threatened abortion/stillbirth at 5 months came in for a follow up visit. I was SO relieved to see her again. So relieved.

When I saw her last, part of me wondered if she’d even go to Wau. The other part of me wondered if she’d live. I’m glad that both happened and that she is fine... well sort of.

She explained that she was able to get on the bus to Wau and stayed 3 days at the hospital before the baby died and they induced her. She delivered there and stayed 4 days postpartum before being discharged. That was two days ago.

She came in today because she wasn’t well. She had severe lower right quadrant pain (appendicitis?) as well as some supra-pubic pain (pelvic inflammatory disease?). I’m hoping it was just the PID and covered her with every antibiotic we had on the shelf! I also explained all the signs of an appendicitis. She promised to go back to Wau if they start happening.

So rejoice with me this small victory. Yes, she lost her child but she is recovering.

If you want to read her story you'll find it below on "... to save a life."