Saturday, November 6, 2010

Health Teaching Outreach ~

This week has been a strange one. I started going on outreach the same day that I had my first stillbirth delivery. It doesn't surprise me that the enemy chose that day to tear my heart in shreds. Sadly, it worked for awhile.

But I went on outreach anyway -- still traumatized but ready to let God take me to the end of myself. I'm glad I did. Walking through town, meeting with women in their homes and asking them to come to health teaching discussions, was fun.

My interpreter is named Mary. She's 23, smart and the first and only girl to graduate high school in Tonj. She plans to go on to University next year in Wau. Together, we traveled to a few homes, found a good place to meet and spread the word that I'd be coming back once a month to talk to everyone.

One woman asked me if I was Sabet's (my ministry director) second wife. Ha ha. Another woman was so excited she said she'd spread the word too and get the ball rolling. It was fun.

I'll be going each Tuesday. Pray for God to guide my steps, speak through my words and actions and protect me from any trouble.