Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aid Sudan Mission Team

Kerrie teaching our patients on proper tooth care.
 This week we’ve been visited by a team of Texans and one Indianan! As short-term missionaries with an organization called Aid Sudan, their main goal is to evaluate how they might put up a Christian radio tower in Tonj, among other projects.

However, in doing so, they are visiting many outlying towns, leper colonies, and schools as well as helping out in the clinic.

Yesterday, they did a great health teaching on the importance of brushing your teeth, and then handed out toothbrushes to the clinic patients.
My prenatal ladies with their new toothbrushes.

They have brought much laughter and love to the compound. What a blessing to have them here!

Pray that God would continue to use them as they return home and tell the world what they’ve seen. May hearts be stirred to prayer and action.