Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three new blessings!

Pritty (pharmacist), Benedict, James (translator), Sarah, Stephanie
This week, several key IDAT staff went on break all at once. It was hard to see them go, knowing the work it would require filling their shoes. But we sent them off with smiles, nevertheless. They had worked long and hard and needed the rest.

Fortunately, the plane that took them out brought in three new blessings!

Benedict is our new clinic officer. He's a soft spoken Kenyan who looks a bit shell shocked by all the 'rurality' of Sudan. (Yes. I just made that word up!) I'm guessing he had NO idea what he was getting into when he agreed to help us out for a month. But I'm so glad he is here!       

The next big blessing is Sarah. She hails from the great state of Texas and has a heart of gold! She just graduated from nursing school, and wants to learn all about midwifery. She tells me she's hoping to do a masters in Midwifery someday soon. She'll stay for three months. Yippy!

(So thank you all for praying for me to get some help. I'm loving it. Now pray she stays longer... or another precious person comes to replace her in August!)

Our new oxygen concentrator.
The last big blessing is our new oxygen concentrator! Yes, some generous soul bought us oxygen on wheels! What's great about this machine, is we are not dependent on getting oxygen tanks refilled in order for it to work! Woohoo!

What lovely blessings that God has showered down upon us! What delightful answers to prayer! 

Now, start praying that God will drop an ultrasound machine in my lap! Thanks.

By the way, Sarah has a blog. Last Friday, she helped me with a wonderful birth. I'll let you read about it here, if you are interested.