Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butt Surgery.

This week, Dennis and Tom performed surgery on a 5 month baby by removing a very large growth on her buttock.

When they told me they’d be removing this growth, and they wanted my assistance, I thought it’d be a few centimeters in diameter at most, but I was wrong.     --Way wrong!

Yom, being just 5 months old, had a tennis ball sized growth on her left buttock that had been growing progressively since her birth.

Understandably worried, her family brought her in to see what could be done; Tom and Dennis decided to remove it surgically.

Even though, I wasn’t much use to them, I was glad to watch the surgery. After sedating the tot, they infiltrated the area with lidocaine, cut, and tied off any bleeders.

It took just over an hour, but eventually, they were able to remove most of the scar tissue and close her up.

I can’t help wondering how such a growth can happen in the first place?

Knowing she was handling her surgery well, we laughed calling it a ‘Butt-ectomy’, and joked about her being the ‘youngest person to get liposuction’.
    -- I know. Corny, right?

Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind, this growth would have haunted her for the rest of her life if not removed. In Sudan, any unusual growths are thought to be demons or curses. To have them brings harassment and ostracism, I’m glad that Tom and Dennis could help her in this way.

Please pray that Yom would heal quickly and that it would not re-grow. Thanks.