Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Reminder.

Not long ago, I got a special visit from a woman who birthed with me in January. Her name is Nyandit. I’ll never forget her or her birth.

You never forget your firsts, and she was my first footling breech. (Read her story here.)

At the time, I was scared out of my mind at how best to help her with the birth, but God walked me/us through it. In the end, it was transformational birth for me as a midwife.

She told me that her beautiful son is named Malong or ‘breech’ in Dinka because he came out foot first.     -- I wonder if I could get away with such a name in the States.

Holding him in my arms, I was reminded of why I’m here. This precious life. This gorgeous child. Oh, the privilege and joy!

I asked if I could keep him, but she looked at me sideways and wagged her finger to say ‘no’. Suppressing a smile, she said that he could be ‘moindu’ (my honorary child), and we slapped hands in agreement.

A good day. A very good day.