Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update on Holes & Incompetence.

On Monday, Ayen’s brother came to see me. Ayen as you may remember is the woman with the incompetence cervix we have been praying for. (Read her story here.)

He came just as he promised, to take me to her house. However, as a typical Monday, I was still swamped with obligations and asked him to return in a few hours.

Agreeing to come back at 4pm, he reassured me that her labor had not progressed. There was no bleeding but still lots of fetal movements and lower abdominal pain.

Woohoo! She has not delivered yet!

But here’s the thing.... that was on Monday. Today, a full five days later, he has not returned again. I don’t know any more than that. He promised to return but didn’t. Does that mean she was taken to Wau? Did she deliver? I have no idea. Please keep praying. Thanks.

Also, this week I got to see the young girl with the hole in her face. Her name is Arec. It has been almost two months since she first came in and we are now starting to see real improvement.

Yes, there is a terrible scar but now she’s in a lot less pain. She also has more range of motion and function. So, thank you so much for praying. Please continue as the Lord leads you.