Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update: Culture Gap

Cinteth has come in twice since last Saturday. Each time, we’ve treated her with more powerful drugs. Each time, her uterus has failed to involute (aka: reduce in size postpartum). Each time, the infection has persisted.

(For those who are unfamiliar with her story, please read here first.)

Today, at 9 days postpartum and after seeing only a slight improvement on the infection front, we decided to do a MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration); perhaps there were placental parts trapped inside.

However, none of us were ready for what we found.

Instead of finding incarcerated clots or placental fragments, we found necrosis of the vaginal tissue lining the wall. Dennis had to debraid it.         --It was bad.

How such an injury could even happen is a mystery to us all.

The only thing that makes sense, is that she had several lacerations during the tramatic birth which subsequently got infected due to unhygenic conditions. I suspect the TBA helping her didn't use gloves and reached inside her in an attempt to deliver the child.

Cinteth’s improving, but not as quickly as we expected. Please pray that this infection doesn’t get worse. Pray she recovers completely and quickly. Thanks.