Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Last month we had 19 births and roughly saw 500 woman for prenatals. That might not seem like much but let me tell you it is! If all of these woman came to deliver at the clinic, I’d have 50 births a month easily!

Perhaps I should be happy that they are not all coming to the clinic after all!

Think about these kinds of numbers. If I’m seeing on average 15 NEW patients a day then, many of the women are either coming only once for prenatal care, losing their prenatal books, or I’m on a run-away train to prenatal mania!

Aside from going a bit crazy from the sheer number of women seeking care, I’m getting tired. Margaret is helping me as she can, but the reality is there is just too much work for one midwife.

There is another thing influencing all this. HALF OF SUDAN got pregnant during the referendum in January. I kid you not, HALF of the woman I’m seeing for prenatals are DUE in October!

Something has to give.

My brain is swimming with fundal heights, malaria, STDs and heart beats! I break out in sweats just thinking about what October will bring.

Pray. Pray. Pray.