Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sudanese Independence.

As the countdown to South Sudan’s independence grew near, excitement and hope tinged the prayers of all our Sudanese staff during devotions.

Each day as the prospects of war seemed farther away, hope clung on a bit tighter.

Could it be? Would they really see the day of their independence come? After years of war and countless lives lost, could it really be happening?

Their hope and enthusiasm is hard to describe, but it’s certainly contagious.

For decades this land has been in labor. Pain. Suffering. Death. But today we see the birth. And what a glorious birth it has been. Long awaited but alive!

People are dancing in the streets. Horns are honking. Drums are beating. The land is finally free.

So, this is what it looks like to birth a nation.

I’m in awe.

Happy Birthday South Sudan! May this land be forever dedicated to God. May your people sing His praises and rejoice in this miracle continually! May your leaders seek God for wisdom in how to rule well. May God be glorified in your midst! May peace fill your land and your hearts!

God bless South Sudan!