Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sports Outreach

This past week, two Kenyans came to head up a sports outreach in our community. Their goal was to use football to win souls for Christ!

Walter, the director of Michezo Afrika (or Sports Africa) has been doing sports outreach for years. He said he got involved in it not long after university, and has been working in some way with sports ministry ever since. He calls himself a sports missionary. And I’d have to agree.

He came with Franklin Shelimba a footballer who played for the Kenyan team Mathare United and has been doing sports outreaches like this for many years as well.

In preparation for this outreach, Sabet organized a number of local football teams and put together a tournament. The young men chosen to participate were all between 12-15 years old.

So when Walter and Franklin got here, they could hit the ground running. They started by training team captains in a series of workshops, sharing the gospel and discipling them all the while.

Afterward, those captains went back to their teams to pass on the skills they had learned in preparation for the tournament.

Walter told me the goal behind this kind of outreach is to disciple disciplers and train trainers. Teaching football is just a platform to share the gospel.

It proved to be a powerful platform indeed. 

By the end of the week, several players joyfully gave their lives to the Lord and prayed for God to do a work in their hearts. Others, I’m told, recommitted their lives. And still others expressed tearful determination to do sports ministry in the future.

I’m so blessed to see the young men being reached in this way. If we can reach these men early, think of how it will impact this region for good!
Franklin & Walter

So praise God with me that God is doing this new work in the youth. I look forward to seeing how God grows this ministry in the future!

If you would like to know more about Walter and Mechizo Afrika, check out this website. It’s a fantastic tool for preaching the gospel.