Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Celebrations Continue...

After most of the day’s heat had passed, more people flooded to Freedom Square to celebrate in dance. As usual, the main ceremonies were invisible to anyone under 7 feet tall, as it required seeing through the throng of people bunched up around the city officials.

Fortunately seeing the show was not necessary to enjoy the festivities. Impromptu dancers gathered for the cameras; a sea of black milled about and kicked up dust with each celebratory step; it was a party.

Different tribes danced according to tradition. The Bongo tribe moved in undulating waves to the sound of a steady drum and hollowed out tree trunk. Whereas the Dinka jumped like spear wielding locust to a distinctly metallic rhythmic tune.

Everyone tried to get the kowajas to join in.

I laughed to see some in our group deftly mimic the difficult movements and steps. However, I declined to even try; the movements for the women are outwardly seductive and revealing and I’m not interested in attracting Dinka suitors.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate this nations new found freedom!

(Once I get on faster internet, I hope to show you all what the dancing looked like. I got lots of videos.)

Some extra photos of that day: