Saturday, September 4, 2010

Answer to Prayer.

When I got here in June, we were treating patients but not teaching them the word of God. Crowds would start gathering early in the morning to be seen by doctors, but no one was telling them about the Greatest Physician -- Jesus!

I was told, they had wanted to do it for some time... but in all the madness of maintaining chaos, it got pushed aside. But everyone agreed, it was time to start. It happened to coincide with the start of a new teaching session for the pastors as well. “Couldn’t they teach them while we do devotions?” I asked.

Someone ran with the idea. (I’m still not sure who). But I was thrilled to see one morning two pastors standing under the massive tree in our yard, teaching the crowd about Jesus. They would even come and talk to my prenatal ladies (who sit in another spot).

So, rejoice with me in this lovely answer to prayer. I’m so excited to know that when the towns folk talk about our clinic, they will associate it with preaching and prayer.

Pray for many to hear, repent and be saved. Pray for God’s truth to go out and bring forth a harvest too great to gather in. Pray for transformed lives. Pray for revival!