Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shiro Me a little of that!

Dinner last night! Yum. Shiro not shown.

Think heavy incense. Think flat fermented bread. Think little piles of spiced meats and over cooked veggies. Think eating with your fingers and loving every bite. That's Ethiopian food.

Habisha is a favorite local haunt by missionaries and locals alike. It's like stepping into another country with a log fire to one side of the patio and hanging rugs all around. I've been twice... and will return regularly.

My favorite part of the meal is the roasted rosemary goat meat and the shiro (a spicy garbanzo bean purree). I've determined to learn how to make it myself... even master the art! So I've found a few recipes online. The trick will be finding the ingredients.

Gormet-ish directions for this Vegan Yummy-ness!
Directions for making Shiro at home!