Monday, September 27, 2010

Kiss and Tell.

The giraffe center is a sanctuary for a certain breed of endangered giraffes. Years ago they rescued this species from poachers and possible extinction and now.... they kiss you in Thanks!

I found my way to the giraffe center over the weekend in an attempt to see these gentle beasts up close. Their stilted gliding walk and smooth bobbing heads make you stop and take note. They are mesmerizing in size and beauty.

I had to climb to the second floor to look them in the eye -- and try and get my smooches! These (almost*) gentle beasts quietly pass their days making out with strangers from countries far and wide! They don’t seem to mind who you are, so long as you have pellets in your mouth!

Kissing a giraffe is a lot like getting your face licked by a VERY large kitten. The tongue is raspy and warm... and if left to lick too long in one spot... you risk losing a layer of skin.

The first kiss I got was from a giraffe named Jack. After licking my face, he pulled his head away in disgust (you could see the disgusted confusion on his face!). He seemed to be saying,  “Yuck! That one didn’t taste right!” Apparently, giraffes don’t like make-up.

By the second kiss, he knew what he was getting into and didn’t protest. But he did slobber a lot. Kissing a giraffe was considerably more than I expected it to be. Don't judge me... but I liked it a lot.

*** I say they are almost gentle beasts because I’m told they can head-butt you unconscious if you don’t feed them fast enough. And.... if you have the misfortune of being kicked by one, you’ll be lucky to ever walk again, assuming you live. ***