Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cattle Raiders...

One of my precious pregnant women came in yesterday for care. She was crying and very concerned about her baby. She reported that the night before she was raped when cattle raiders came through her camp.


She is 5 months pregnant and was rough handled during the rape. What if they hurt her baby too? We listened to her baby’s heart beat and both sighed in relief when we found it. She smiled knowing that at least her baby was going to be okay. But what about her? 

Cattle raiders are bandits that come and shoot up cattle herders, killing at random and stealing all the heads of cattle they can. They kill children. They rape women. They maim men-- All for cows.

Pray for God’s Spirit to move among this land. Pray for women like Monica to be free from this fear and injustice. Pray for revival. Man cannot fix the problems of Sudan... only God can.