Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Deng Rain!

For those who speak a bit of Dinka, they will understand (and hopefully forgive) the pun.

Deng means rain in Dinka. And right now.... we have a LOT of it!

As a result of it, I have learned two new Dinka words today.
-- Tiop: which means dirt
-- Tiok: which means mud

Deng + Tiop = Tiok!    

And lots and lots of it as my gum boots can testify!

The rainy season has come very late this year and it’s caused a number of problems. People planted their crops at the regular time but since it stayed dry, the seeds failed to sprout.
And now it’s harvest time and the rain is upon us with a vengeance. Whatever crops did grow are being flooded out of the ground.

This rain will help the sorghum crops I’m told, but it came too late for the peanuts and pumpkins.

Please pray for the remaining crops to produce... or else we are going to see some hungry people come December. Thanks.