Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update: Eye, Preterm

So Amour came in yesterday with her preterm baby boy for a check-up. Both seemed well at first but then I realized she was showing signs of malaria; it may have caused her preterm labor.

But he was doing well and had actually gained a tiny bit of weight.

The best part was her milk was very well established, and she was no longer complaining "I have no milk."

I was so sick of hearing her say it after the birth that I warned her sternly that if I heard it again I'd charge her 5 pounds each time. She laughed but never said it again.

And during the check-up she told me that she believed me now; she has lots of milk. And she was right it was leaking profusely from her breasts! 

Thank you so much for praying for them. She promises to come back for visits; and I promise to let you know how things go with them.

Eye Team:
The eye surgery team was able to complete 172 cataract surgeries in the 5 days they were here. Some patients even got both eyes done.

On the last day a 31-year-old woman got both eyes corrected. She had not been able to see for several years, meaning she had never seen her youngest child!

Thank you so much for praying for this team. It was a great success, and many heard the gospel; many prayed and sang to God in worship. It was a wonderful time to see this community served and loved in Jesus' name.