Friday, September 2, 2011

New Hope

My heart did a bit of a flip-flop when our eyes met.        --Could it be?
Smiling with excitement she understood that I recognized her and was please.     --Yes. It was her.

“You are the one I helped with the baby last year?” I asked stupidly. Honestly, I helped lots of women with babies last year. Duh!

She just smiled back and nodded, equally excited.

“And you are pregnant?” I asked rubbing my belly in case she didn’t understand my Dinka?

“Yes!” Her eyes sparkled in joy.             --- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Elizabeth is pregnant again everyone! Elizabeth is pregnant!

You might not remember her just now, but I assure you I’ll NEVER forget her. Her last birth was one of the hardest of my life. It taught me the realities of being a midwife in Africa.

It changed me forever.

And in the process, I came to truly love Elizabeth and her husband, Michael. I love them and want to see them holding healthy children in the future. I want them to know God's love!

So I cheerfully took her prenatal book (one she had kept for almost a year) and added it to the line. 

When it came time to do her prenatal, her husband joined her because he wanted to honor me with thanks and tell me all that God has been doing with them this year. I was delighted to hear it.

But as I checked her, I suspected STDs. So I told them that I’d need to treat them right away. They happily complied.

Please pray for them. She is 4 months pregnant. Pray this next birth may be healthy and easy. May God continue to shower His love and mercy on them in remarkable ways! Thanks.