Saturday, September 17, 2011

Triplet Update:

Yar brought her babies in today for a check-up. They are all still alive!    
    --Can I get a hallelujah!

The boys --Madit and Ngor-- are thriving but little Adwel is still having trouble. She isn’t nursing as much and still has a weaker suck. Lethargic and sleepy, she had trouble swallowing the expressed milk we gave her by syringe.

Although tired and a bit sleep deprived herself, Yar is doing well. I asked her again today if she thought her babies were going to live. She smiled and said that she did.
    --That’s progress!

She also informed me that her family threw them a traditional triplet blessing yesterday to celebrate their birth. I asked her what they did to celebrate and she said everyone showed up with food for a feast. After eating their fill, the remaining food was then scattered around the property as a way of warding off evil spirits and bringing blessings.

She also explained that if they live to be one year old, they’ll slaughter a cow and throw an even bigger shin-dig!

I’m looking forward to that day!

Please pray for them all. They are (understandably) tired. And especially pray that Adwel gains weight this week. Thanks!