Thursday, September 15, 2011

Name That Fruit!

We have a number of fruit trees on the compound --most of which are easily identifiable.

Mango. Papaya. Banana. Lemon.

But there is one tree which produces a knobby, green, wart-like cluster that I cannot seem to identify.

Last year when they were in season I didn’t recognize them as food and thus didn’t pick any. However the Africans on the compound ate them with gusto.

I remember asking to try them but not being impressed (at the time). Eating it was too much work.


Well... the fruit is picked when green. Then it must ripen for several days. Once ripe it squishes to the touch and can be torn open. Inside is a treasure trove of black seeds covered in sweet, slightly-textured slime.    


I asked its name but nobody seems to know for sure. The best guess I got was Custard Fruit.

Does that sound right to you all? Anyone out there know for sure? I’m in love with a new fruit and need to know its name!