Sunday, September 25, 2011


Can you spot him? He's hiding very well....

He looked wildly out of place in our observation room. His bright Spring-green wings positively shimmered in the dim light and caught my eye. He was beautiful.

So after checking on my patient, I reached up on the pole used to keep the mosquito nets in place and cupped him in my hands. This made the women in the room titter in nervous laughter; but I’m used to that.

Fighting and flaying he tried to get away but his exoskeleton wasn’t designed for speed. Although he flew a few feet I was able to catch him again with ease.

Beautiful. Intricate.

Walking toward the compound with him in hand, I looked for a better home for my new friend --something with leaves. The vine covered wall of our dining hall seemed perfect and I let him free.

But not before I got a picture.

This guy is easily 2 inches long. When his wings opened for his escape it reminded me of a para-glider diving off a cliff.

Smooth. Steady. Strong.

Not sure what to call him, I looked him up on the internet. The pictures I compared with him say he’s a Katydid.

Any entomologists out there that would disagree?

When I admire his fine markings and his exact coloring for camouflage, I’m impressed. Truly God made everything perfect and good!

The heavens declare His glory... but so do the Katydids!