Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birth #25

Nyankiir has been back and forth to the clinic for 5 days now. She first came on thursday with labor pains... that somehow stopped once she arrived. I checked her out but sent her home. Later that night she returned in a lot of pain. But she still wasn’t in labor. She had malaria.

When a pregnant woman gets malaria, often the fevers it causes induce contractions. This is dangerous in early pregnancy as it can cause prematurity and miscarriage. 

I treated her for malaria and kept her over night for observation -- mainly because the fetal heart tones were too high. (180's with a baseline at 168) I treated her with IV fluids and paracetamol and discharged her the next morning.

She returned this morning in official labor. Fortunately all her malaria symptoms were better but she still looked weak. She wasn’t here long before delivering a healthy baby boy! Praise God!

Please pray for her. She is doing well but is tired.