Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Midwives Unite!

This week I had the delight of spending two wonderful days with Newlife classmates and friends -- Holly and Sarah!

I haven't seen them since graduation (a year or so back) and was overjoyed to connect in AFRICA! It was amazing to debrief in person on all the midwifery stuff I haven't dared write about... and hear all their great stories!

They are on a 6 week vision tour of orphanages, hospitals and medical clinics in search of where God might be calling them to work long-term. (I hope it's some place close to me... like Kenya or Sudan!)

I have been so refreshed by their visit and look forward to seeing what God does with them in the coming months!

Plus, Sarah got married a few months back and I didn't make it to her wedding. So, she did me one better and brought her new husband, Dan, for me to meet! What a great match they make! But we have to break him in to all the midwifery talk still!

I must confess, he did have some great expressions when talking of Pwerta juice, condoms and garlic suppositories! He he he... I'm sure he'll get used to it soon. If not... sorry Dan! :- )