Monday, October 4, 2010

Can-buch-what? and the ‘Bean Sprout of life’.

When the nearest grocery store is 4 hours away, you tend to look at food a bit differently. Everything becomes intentional. You have to intend to eat that day. You have to wake up with a bit of determination and a lot of gumption. You have to think outside the rice crispy cereal box.

Such is my new life.

I’m not saying that I drink cows milk straight from the teat or slaughter monkeys for meat. In fact, I (thankfully) don’t have to think much about food. We have a wonderful cook who deals with that. But... for her, cooking means canned beans and toast.

Now, please do not think I’m complaining here. Because I am not. We eat very well in Tonj and I’m very thankful for it! I’m just saying... when the nearest grocery store is hours away, you tend to look at food differently. Yes, you even become a bit more intentional.

So, what are my intentions? Well these days, it’s Kambucha and Bean Sprouts.

Let me explain.

Kambucha for those who are unfamiliar is a chinese fungus that you culture in sweet tea for a week and a half until it ferments and grows even more fungus. This beautiful, petulant and freaky beverage is full of billions of little lactobacilli. It’s super healthy and yummy to boot! Love the stuff! (Side note: I actually found this in Kenya! Unbelievable but true! Thank you random health food store! You rock!)

The bean sprouts are another story. A friend gave me the starter kit and told me to grow my own bean sprouts in Africa. I didn’t know what to think at first but I’ve done it a few times and I love it! There is something extra special about having little plants grow on your window sill. It’s even better when you get to eat them.

So... there you have it. Two of my new coping mechanisms. They may seem strange to you. But to me they are the spice of life... achem... I mean the bean sprout of life!