Thursday, October 28, 2010

Building for the future ~

Abraham the Ugandan
Compressed Bricks
The land is cleared. The metal frame is up. The footers are dug. Yet to look at it now, you wouldn’t see much -- except potential.

But when I see it... I see running water, tile floors and electricity in every room. I see a beautiful open room of row upon row of birthing beds. I see women coming for births and getting the best care possible. It’s really exciting!

Right now sand is being quarried for concrete. We are digging a hole on our property. I’m told it will be mixed with the concrete shipped in from Uganda then pressed into tight little bricks.

The Ugandan (Abraham) who came in to teach us how to make them, says that we are making about 400-500 bricks a day. That progress! If all goes to plan, we should have enough bricks in a few months!

Please keep this building project in prayer. We desperately need the space!

The brick making machine

Sifting the sand

Digging a sand pit