Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Griff!

A few months ago, we were in need (desperate need) of a Bible teacher for the fall semester months. As I prayed over who God might be calling to come, Joshua came to mind.  I mentioned him to Sabet and wrote him to see if he’d be interested.

Josh is a missions-minded man with a huge heart for Africa. He has been involved in missions work for years, working mostly in Mexico and Africa. You would never guess he’s done so much as he’s pretty young -- early 20s. But he understands God and what’s more... he loves Him!

When I told him about the opportunity to come teach the Sudanese pastors he was surprised. He’s never taught full time before. But when he prayed, God made it clear to him that he was suppose to come. God told him, “Of course you cannot do this work, Josh. But I can do it through you.” And that is what God is doing.

So each morning, he teaches until lunch. Then in the afternoons he records the Dinka New Testament in preparation for the talking Bibles. It’s a neat project! I can’t wait until it’s all recorded!

But what is more... he is mechanically minded. So far, he is constantly helping fix generators and fiddle with electrical problems. What a blessing he is to us!