Friday, July 16, 2010

Cats in a bag!

So procreation isn’t just among those in my antenatal care program. Those of the feline persuasion have been busy as well! Apparently, what started out as one cat, a year or so back, has multiplied to about 7 trash-raiding-scrangy beasts!

I’m told the main ‘mama’ is named Sasha. She has had a litter every six months or so. So now we are truly infested. They are on counters, eating out of dishes, turning over trash cans and meowing like mad when barred from the dinning hall.

I understand that a cat’s got to eat. But come on! If only the Sudanese considered them food like the Filipinos! (Wait. Do Filipinos eat cat? Or is it just dog?)

I’m on a campaign to gather them in a sack and drown them in the nearest river. I figure a watery grave is somewhat poetic and a VERY appropriate way for these mangy beast to die. But I’m getting a lot of resistance.

Even though they are feral and too nasty to even touch, we are suppose to somehow find them ‘adorable’ and call them ‘pets’.

Now lest you think me a heartless-cat-hating fiend, let me tell you, I’m a ‘cat person’. I love cats. I’ve had wonderful cats as pets and loved on them in style.
These are not cats. These are worm infested pests with fur that MUST DIE!

My new plan is to bag them and send them on our next outreach to Maloney (a town we do medical outreach to in the country). I figure we can release them in the country. That way we are not drowning them, we are freeing them from their dependency on our trash cans.

Perhaps they can be adopted by a nice family out there… or eaten by hyenas.

I prefer the latter.