Saturday, July 24, 2010

His mercies are new every minute!

Friday started off like a rocket. I was called out of devotions because there was a woman in labor. When I arrived I met Adhel who has been laboring for 2 days with no progress and frank bleeding had begun. Her traditional midwife brought here in and neither of them looked happy about it – Adhel because (I suspect) she thought she was too good for such a ‘dirty dinka’ clinic. And the midwife because it would mean she wouldn’t get her fee.

But I so glad she came in. The baby was doing okay but the frank bleeding wasn’t good. When I did an IE she was 9.5 cm and I helped her the rest of the way while she pushed. She delivered in a matter of minutes but then the bleeding came.

Blood just kept coming. It was everywhere. There was blood coming from the baby’s mouth. She had obviously swallowed it. The baby would have aspirated it if she had been breathing – but she wasn’t. She had a VERY tight cord coil and was very blue.

I freed her from her noose and saw that the cord was also VERY short. It was roughly only 25 cm long. As a result the baby had developed an umbilical hernia. I didn’t stop to stare… blue babies… red mothers… I had other things to worry about.

Long story short, Adhel hemorrhaged but recovered well. Her little girl decided breathing would be reasonable. I guess she didn’t feel like arguing with me. Disaster averted. Sigh.

When I got a chance to look at the placenta I saw some of the reason for the long labor and bleeding. The placenta had a large jagged tear right now the center. It don’t know what caused it but she had a very serious placental abruption.

For those who don’t know, placentas tearing like this can spell disaster for both mother and baby.

I’m so glad God has been carrying me through these days. I feel like each time I turn around another disaster is averted another life saved. Thank you Jesus!

But the day was just beginning… It wasn’t even 10 am yet. Sigh.

They say His mercies are new each morning. But personally, I think they are new each minute. It’s certainly true for me.

More later.