Friday, July 16, 2010

I’m 3 weeks pregnant!

This past week has been a doozie – full of massive numbers of preggos wanting prenatals. At first it was great, then they started yelling at me for not doing it faster and for making them wait so long. Huh?

I did a total of 90 prenatals last week which to me seems like just the tip of the iceburg. I’ve come to learn that pregnancy is a much desired state in these parts and one lone ‘Kowaja’ isn’t going to cut it. Send in the reinforcements!

By midweek I realized my main problem was I kept doing prenatals on women who were NOT pregnant and at least a dozen or so were all of one month along.

One woman came in and proudly announced she was 3 weeks pregnant. I asked her how she knew she was pregnant since she hadn’t even missed a period and she answered, “I just know”.

I can’t argue with that… but the pregnancy test can. She wasn’t.

This week a new rule has been reinstated. Only pregnant women can get prenatals by the new ‘Kowaja’ and only after at least 3 months.