Friday, July 9, 2010

Dream come true?

The night before last, I woke every few hours to check on a laboring mama. She was slow going and as a result I didn’t sleep much. But between checking heart tones and blood pressure, I’d sneak back to my bed and delicious little mosquito net for a little shuteye.

Twice I dreamt but it was all crazy stuff. One dream was of me being woken for a birth by one of the guards to attend a birth. I walked into the room and the baby was crowning. It wasn’t the birth of the laboring woman. It was a separate birth… that occurred only in my dreams. I woke a bit confused and trod back to the clinic for another check. Nope. No baby. It was just a dream.

I returned to my blissful bed and remarkably dreamt again. But this time, I delivered triplets. It was a happy birth with lots of my team members around. The babies were healthy and the mama was calm. I remember waking up again a bit disoriented. Such is life when you haven’t slept much.

I told my friends over breakfast about my crazy dreams and went about my day. It was a calm day as we decided to send all the prenatals home and just focus on the labor – who delivered a beautiful like girl later that afternoon.

Most of the team, however, had a busy day of outreach in Malony. Maggie, brought me back a surprise when they returned. She brought me a pregnant mama who had a wildly large fundal height.

After reviewing her for what seemed like ages, it was clear we were dealing with twins… and possibly triplets. She didn’t seem too surprised by the diagnosis. In fact, her last pregnancy was twins!

We watched her through the night since she had regular contractions but nothing progressed this morning. But even if she delivers later on in the week, we still have twins on our hands – and possibly triplets.

Do dreams really do come true? We’ll have to see. Lord! Please have mercy!