Saturday, July 10, 2010

What the heck is a Dik-dik?

Imagine a miniature deer with fir much like a wild hare. Make sure you keep it small in your head, sort of like an emaciated cat with ridiculously long legs -all awkward and skittish, skipping around daintily,barely touching the ground. Glue grape sized protruding orbits for eyes and a wee bit of fluff for a tail and there you have it… a dik-dik!

I mentioned to Suzy about how it must taste like rabbit and she cringed. I guess she has a soft bone for family pets. I figure it can be eaten if necessary but is unlikely to satisfy a child.

The resident Dik-dik here on the compound is named Bambi. She looks like something that stepped out of a fairy tale and has an infected eye. It oozes gunk and should come out. Any vets want to come out and do a little surgery? You could save Bambi!