Saturday, July 24, 2010

The race is on!

A week ago, Daniel (the younger brother I’m adopting into my family) and I decided to have ourselves a frog race. We’d catch a bunch of slimy jumpers and see who could run the fastest. The only problem was catching them in the first place.

I got distracted each night with something at the clinic so wasn’t as eager to go frog hunting at night (when they come out). But Daniel didn’t forget. And two days ago, he caught a whopping 6 frogs for the competition.

But I got again distracted with the clinic and promptly forgot about them. And in my hazy-eyed-up-all-night-with-a-labor look on my face he reminded me about the races over breakfast.

Oh yeah! I had forgotten. We decided to get the kiddos involved as anything to do with frogs and kids is an automatic scream! And we even roped in Dennis and Pretti (too Kenyan staff). Suzy jumped on board and Stacy agreed to help as long as she didn’t have to touch a frog.

Excellent. The true making of history!

Daniel brought a trash can he’d be holding the frogs hostage out of his room and we each chose out competetor at random. I picked a medium-sized dark green one with red streaks on the crevices of his thighs. As a thank you, he promptly peed on my hand.

Excellent. He’ll be lighter that way. Much faster too. :- )

We positioned the race course (my porch) and everyone gathered round. We got set with frogs in hands (which wasn’t easy since they were escape artists in a divine way) and boom the race was on.

We screamed. We chased. We goated them forward. Frogs leapt right and left. Kids scrambled to catch up. I crawled after mine who was hesitant to go, slapping the cement behind him. He moved forward to my utter and joyful satisfaction and was the first to make it passed the finish line.

Two out of the five disappeared in the chaos but we were able to recapture the remaining three.

Round two.

This time it was kids only. The adults corralled them as best we could. None of the frogs made it passed the line but the one that got the furthest was Hannah’s. And at last we freed them into the wild. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Harassing frogs should not be this fun!