Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Note.

I've so much to tell you all. So much. I want to delight you with the story of the first time mom and her sweet friends, as I was delighted. I want to wow you with details of the twins, as I was most certainly wowed. I want to empty my heart over the stillbirth, so I can let go and move on. And I want to describe the frustrations and heartache of the obstructed labor, as I'm not sure she'll live.

But honestly, I'm too busy for words right now. Well, at least too busy for any stories.

However, I beg you to be in prayer for Nunu who (hopefully) is recovering from her cesarean this morning. Also pray for Margaret and I as we are tired but joyful. Pray for all the ladies that walk through our doors. We need it.