Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome Miss Adorable!

Our compound manager, Albino, brought in his wife to deliver this week. Her last baby was also born here. I wasn’t there (of course...) but I was told she clung to our director’s neck, and bore down with such intensity that the baby was out before anyone could call for Albino to come!

Well, this time Albino didn’t stray far during her labor. He hovered wringing his hands in consternation and love as he watched her progress from smiles, to sweats, to grunts.

Even though I had more than a handful of prenatals to care for that morning, I checked on her every few minutes. I didn’t want her to deliver without me!

Fortunately, when it came time to push she was able to shuffle into the clinic and lie down. I sent one of the translators to get Margaret (as back-up) and Albino (so he could finally see one of his children born), but just as before she pushed like a superstar and out came Miss Adorable!

Weighing in at 9 delightfully pudgy pounds, she is the newest member of our church!

Welcome my dear, you are blessed to have such great parents!