Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday School.

Recently, it was my turn to teach the kiddos in Sunday school. When I saw the number of kids lined up for the lesson, I admit I was intimidated.
        --There were more than enough to trample me in a stampede!

But I took a deep breath, prayed, and started in on my lesson anyway. It was about God using Elijah to bring fire down from heaven out of 2 Kings chapter one. The kids were happy to listen and answer my questions. It was delight!

Please pray for these boys and girls to continue to grow in their faith. I’ve seen a real turn around in the Sunday school since Suzy took it over. The kids understand the lessons and are eager to know Christ more. It’s very encouraging.

In fact, this last wednesday five of the Sunday school kids showed up for prayer night! They came without their parents. I loved seeing them there and look forward to the day they start praying out loud!

Look at how high they can jump. It's so Dinka!
Please remember the youth of this nation in prayer. Pray that like the prophet Samuel they’d hear the Lord’s voice from their youth and be used to shape this nation for good. Thanks.