Monday, October 3, 2011

Preterm Update:

Baby Sebet came in today and is doing great! You’ll remember him as our surprise preterm birth a few weeks back that needed a lot of help breathing. (Read his stories here and here.)

His family were all smiles as they proudly unwrapped him for me to see. He has grown considerably and is thriving!

They named him “Sebet” which means two things. It means ‘Saturday’. But it is also the name of our clinic which comes from our director.

In fact, I work at “Clinic Saturday” or “Panakiim Sebet”.

Anyway, as a thank you Sebet’s family brought me ground nuts (aka: peanuts) in a bright blue container. They couldn’t be happier for this precious boy’s health and wanted to show their appreciation! What a treat!

Just thought you'd all like to know. Thanks for praying for him!