Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to send me a package in the Sudan...

How to send me a package in the sudan?
Many of you have asked how to send me cards and packages in Sudan. Well, I now have some answers for you. To send a card or letter ONLY- please look at the address below. It will go to Kenya but then be carried to me in the Sudan.

However, for those who delight to send packages, you must have someone walk in the package to me. This is only done by someone coming to either Kenya or Sudan for an outreach. Fortunately, In Deed and Truth ministries has a team coming to Sudan every month this year. Please contact Jeamette Lock at to find out which team is coming next and how to get the package to them.

What to send in the packages?
The following list is just a suggestion of sorts. Please feel free to send anything you would like. These are just ideas...
Books: Christian fiction, biographies, midwifery, medical topics, etc.
Movies: Romantic comedies, action, mystery, tv series, etc.
Music: Christian, bossa nova, jazz, R&B, anything in Arabic (to learn)
Foods: dried fruits, nuts, coffee, tea (chai, herba mate, earl gray), etc.
Beauty: body scrub, facial scrub, foot scrub, body wax (sally hansons)
Drinks: powered or instant drinks (i.e. propel, coffee, energy drinks)
Batteries: size D for my fan, 9 volt for my medical equipment...
Misc: insect repellant w/ deet, breath mints, hand sanitizer, sun block, film for regular camera (b&w or color, 200-800), packets of seeds, etc.