Monday, June 21, 2010

Lights Out!

Today, our electricity went off. We shrugged thinking, ‘Oops, another power outage.’ Not two minutes later came a knock at the door. The man explained he just cut our power.

The reason? Apparently, someone forgot to pay the bill.

He wanted to be paid right away, or else we could spend the rest of the night in the dark.

However, none of us live here. We are just a bunch of confused Mozungu (whites) and our faithful leader is out and about.

The man wants to be paid 250 Shillings (Roughly $3 dollars) in order to turn it back on, in addition to the bill for the last month. Okay. But our main man is out, could you return shortly?

He said he would then left us sitting in the dark. No internet, and thus no way to get our emails out.

Hours went by and he didn’t return. We all had a good laugh and waited for Gordon to get home. As night fell, we pulled out our flashlights and laughed.

Finally, Gordon drives up and moments later the lights are back on! What happened we wondered? What did he do? And how did he fix it so fast?

He went to the fuse box and switched it back on! Yes. It was that simple.

Oh Kenya!