Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great Expectations!

Frequently I’m asked questions I’m not sure how to answer; “Aren’t you scared?” “What about the food, what will you eat? Are there big bugs? Will you have to EAT the bugs? Will you get malaria!? Will you die?”

Truthfully, I am scared - not for my life but for the women who are dying there in childbirth. I am nervous about the many diseases and questionable food, but I’m more nervous for the newborns suffering from them and dying.

Believe me, I would rather live a comfortable life, eat fresh crab and sip on lattes. But I want to to obey God more.

He has put in my heart a desire to go. He has given me a love for the hurting, the dying and the lost - especially those lost in sin!

Frankly, I can’t imagine a place I would rather be. I can’t imagine a people I’d rather serve.

So to answer your questions. No. I am not scared to go.

It is my joy.

I expect God to move in great ways - first in my heart but also among His people.

I do expect hardships and trials, lonely days and sadness. But I also expect God to work in great ways! He is a God who does not disappoint! My expectations are great! For He is GREAT and most worthy of praise! Thanks for coming with me!

Love Stephanie