Monday, June 21, 2010

Karibu Kenya!

My flight to Kenya was deliciously simple - if not long. Two layovers quickly turned into three when my first flight was canceled. But our God who cares for the details worked it out for me to get bumped to first class! Leg room is not something to take lightly. Thanks for praying!

Once I landed, I was surprised to find Nairobi more developed than I expected. Even Athens and Spain don’t have airports this nice! Gordon (our faithful logistics man for In Deed and Truth) picked me up at the airport and has been helping me jump through hoops ever since.

I’m now updated on my immunizations and have the coolest looking entrance permit into Sudan! However, they seem to think that I have brown eyes and am 200 cm tall! Apparently, getting the facts right is not a priority.

The Kenyans I’ve had the privilege to meet so far have been surprisingly open and welcoming.

They are a smiling bunch with a penchant for being polite. Their signs are even polite. At a grocery store, I saw a sign saying, “Polite notice. Parking at your own risk.” ~ Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The language spoken here is Swahili and English. Thanks to Gordon, I’ve started picking up some words in Swahili.

I’ve learned to count to ten. And in order to remember them, I sing the numbers to myself over and over like a three year old. Perhaps he wishes now that he hadn’t taught me but it’s too late. Muhuhaaha!

Karibu means ‘Welcome’. And ‘Karibu Kenya’ means “Welcome to Kenya”. I certainly do feel welcome!