Saturday, June 12, 2010

Serving as Senders!

When a missionary goes to the field, they never go alone. There is always a number of people standing behind them making it possible for them to go... and to stay.

This team is made up of a number of talented people who serve in very different ways. The following is a list of ways a person can support their missionary. I've taken a lot of liberty in describing these roles. This information is taken from a very good book called... yup, you guessed it... "SERVING AS SENDERS' by Neal and Yvonne Pirolo. I definitely recommend it.

Prayer Maniacs (Prayer Support)
These people feel called to pray for me specifically (spiritual, emotional, physical needs). They are willing to wear holes in their jeans as they lift up the day to day emergencies while on the field.

Cheer Squad (Moral Support)
These sweet ones make a point of encouraging me and spurring me on to good works. They specialize in finding new ways for me to be encouraged and loved as I serve the sudanese. (packages, letters, supplies, etc.) But they also help remind those here in the states of what I’m doing, even getting new people on my team.

Nuts & Bolts (Logistic Support)
This nutty crew helps me with the details of life here in the States. They help me with things that I cannot get accomplished overseas. They are the “get’er done” kind of people with a heart to serve practically.

Watering Can (Spiritual Support)
This group’s goal is to make sure I’m getting spiritually fed. They hold me accountable to daily devotions, send me bible study CDs, and/or find a way to water my dusty soul.

Hilarious Givers (Financial Support)
These people are those who deem giving to be an act of joyful worship and they desire to do it Hilariously. They recognize that we have nothing but that which God has provided and want to see God work powerfully in Sudan.

Foreign Correspondents (Communication Support)
These lovely ones put pen to paper and send regular letters (or emails) full of news from back home. They write about the latest news and don’t let me miss out on special event (marriages, births, conferences and even deaths) in the church body. They help me stay in touch so when I get home after 2 years, I don’t feel like a stranger.

If you feel led to participate in any of these capacities leave me a note and I'll contact you. :- )