Monday, June 7, 2010

A year of silence.

Many of you may have thought this blog was a sleeper and it's author a mute. And frankly, I don't blame you. It has been more than a year since I posted something. But this year has been life changing and I once again have something to say.

It is amazing what a year can bring.

Last year, January of 2009, I started praying about where I was to go next. I prayed. God listened. I prayed again. But no answer. I begged and pleaded. But still silence.

After months of this... He finally spoke. But instead of answering me, He told me two bits of information. One: that it was okay for me to work with an organization in Haiti that I was considering for long-term work. Two: that I would not know where I was to go longer-term until March of 2010.


So I continued to pray. God continued to tell me, "you'll know in March." I would argue and nag. He would whisper "March".

Very Strange.

God has never spoken to me quite like this before. But as each month would come and go, and I still didn't know... I found comfort in March. A lot of comfort.

June of 2009 - I graduated with a group of women whom I'm honored to know- women who have taught me what it means to be a compassionate and loving midwife. But still no idea where I'd go long-term.

July of 2009 - I continued to study for my NARM exam, I continued to learn all I could as I served in Davao City. But God was still silent.

August of 2009 - I got to return home for the first time in 2 years, hug on friends and family. Most of all, I got to take the NARM exam in SLC, Utah. I passed - happily. But I still didn't know where I was to go.

September to December of 2009 - I traveled to Haiti to work among amazing women at Heartline Ministries. I learned lessons during this time that have and continue to change me in ways i'm still not able to voice.

I loved it and was asking God if this was were I was to return and work full time. But the answer was so clearly "NO!" I was a bit startled. So I kept praying. I kept asking. But by this time... after hearing "March. You will know in March, My Child. Relax. I've got this covered." I finally started to believe Him. So I relaxed. I enjoyed my family and for three months, I took a break from midwifery.

But... I have to admit. I still kept begging Him to speak to me. I still struggled with the grand ol' question of WHERE!

So as December snowed in January, and February melted into March, I got very excited. And would you believe it? God told me where I was to go in... yep... in March.

An opportunity fell out of the sky! An opportunity that I was praying for specifically. One that fit all my hopes and dreams. One that fit my desire for ministry. One that put as much of an emphesis on evangelism as it did on community development. One that considered the soul's salvation equal with (if not more important than) the health of the body.

It is In Deed and Truth ministries. Please check it out. I think you'll be surprised.

I'll write more about it later.