Monday, August 9, 2010

600 grams Miracle

Please be in prayer for a very sick mom and her very premature baby. They were brought in this evening. The mom was unconscious but not from hemorrhage this time. She has been ill for the last four days, and today delivered prematurely in a matter of minutes. She went unconscious. It’s then that they decided to come in for help.

We treated her for a number of possible infections but she’s still unconscious. In reality we don’t know what is causing this. When she stirs, it’s groans and mumbles. It doesn’t look good. Her baby however, a little boy, is doing fine. This is the miracle of it all.

He only weighs 600 grams and according to gestational aging methods (the Ballard score) is only 28 weeks gestation. He’s tiny but able to eat. We’ve fed him by syringe, and the mother’s sister (who is currently breastfeeding her own child), is giving him expressed breast milk.

Please pray for them. I really want him to make it. We made him hot water bottles out of plastic soda bottles and have him under a lamp as a warmer. His main concern in staying warm enough.

The mom however, isn’t out of the woods. We don’t know what is wrong with her. Pray for wisdom for the staff and God’s grace and mercy for her family. Pray this little boy would one day be coddled at his own mothers breast. Amen.

Update (Aug 12)

The day after I wrote this (even though I’m only able to post it now due to internet issues), the little boy died.

We kept resuscitating him and getting his heart rate up, but he was no longer able to breathe on his own. Once we would stop resuscitation efforts, his heart would slow to a stop. After doing this repeatedly, we finally decided to let him pass.

His mom was referred to the hospital in Wau because she never came out of her coma. We are still unsure what put her in it in the first place. Pray she recovers.